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The Power Of Suggestions

We know you're in the market for entertainment that can be suitable for a wide age range, can be used for big or small groups, can be customized for your industry or theme and needs to fill a certain time requirement- and WE HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION!

Mental Factory Hypnotists is a group of Central Alberta Hypnotists working together to provide exceptional corporate entertainment value for a growing client base. MFH have entertained at a wide variety of events and can easily accommodate venues and crowds of any size.

The Mental Factory Hypnotists is headed by MASTER EDMONTON HYPNOTIST JOE FRANCIS. An Edmonton Hypnotist for nearly 10-years, Joe offers a range of productions to suit many different tastes and budgets. If you need a Hypnotist near Edmonton for any event, Joe Francis is the Edmonton Hypnotist EVERYONE is talking about!

Hypnosis is a natural experience all humans enjoy and your STAGE HYPNOTISTS will ensure all guests are well educated and informed about the Stage Hypnosis process. All skits performed rely on the imagination of volunteer Cast Members and range from feats of strength to mind games and even suggestions from the audience.

Hypnosis has proven to be an economical solution to your entertaining needs; its hilarious, uses people you know, can be customized, suitable for a wide range of ages and is extremely safe. People often turn to a Hypnotist for great corporate entertainment because it's safe, affordable and completely HILARIOUS!

EDMONTON STAGE HYPNOTIST JOE FRANCIS is just ONE of our featured STAGE HYPNOTISTS. Hypnotist Joe Francis is available for a variety of events ranging from fundraisers, graduations, community events, corporate events and even conventions. For unbeatable comedy value call to have HYPNOTIST JOE FRANCIS at your next event TODAY!


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